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Stream A 系列的自动单边封边机产品,目标用户为要求提高产能的中小型企业。该系列机器可支持2班次轮流作业,从而帮助用户提高 产量。由于其配置丰富,可适应任何封边加工需要。
AirForce System is evolving, becoming ever more efficient with reduced energy consumption and noise levels. AFS, available on Biesse edgebanding machines, is based on the physical principle of convection. By using a compressed hot air system, the edge bonds perfectly with the panel guaranteeing resistance to water and heat and an excellent long lasting quality finish.
Edge warehouse
Greater flexibility and reduced tooling time thanks to the 2- or 6 -place magazine for automatic edge switchover in real time.
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IT 70 P
Maximum visibility of machining operation
Linear edge trimming unit with stepper movement. Solid wood machining up to 12 mm, speed up to 25 m/min.
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Maximum machining flexibility and efficiency
Thanks to the new gluing device designed for Stream A, the gluing unit can now house 2 pre-melters that can be alternated with just a few steps.
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Unique technology on the market
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Dotato di due motori per lavorazioni standard. Il Gruppo Arrotondatore multifunzione consente di applicare una raggiatura anche nella parte superiore e inferiore del pannello, oltre che in testa e coda.


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Equipped with four engines to process even different materials such as rounded wood edges.

Biesse STREAM A and WINNER W4 - Automatic Edgebanding Cell

Stream A is the new range of automated single-sided edgebanding machines aimed at craftspeople and small enterprises who wish to increase their production capacity. It enables users to able to face huge amount of work. It seamlessly adapt to any machining needs thanks to its configuration possibilities. Coupled with Winner W4 the loading system that's fully integrated with single-sided edgebanding machines, it can automatically manage panels waiting to be edgebanded.

Biesse Stream A - Now with TM20 Pre-Melting Unit

The TM-20 Pre-Melting Unit is the new system for melting polyurethane glue from above. It is designed with high flexibility of use in mind without any compromise on performance. The PUR glue is melted on demand, according to the amount of glue used and a hermetically sealed system extends glue life for fewer maintenance interventions.

SMARTACTION: 完整的智能工厂解决方案
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